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Express Tanning & Beauty: Specialists in tanning, beauty, and toning up since 1997.  Whether it's waxing, or getting your nails, lashes, or brows done, waxing, we'll take care of you.  Treat yourself to an appointment at our salon in Milton Keynes or Aylesbury

Available Treatments: (more coming soon)      

Classic Individual Lashes Body Scrub
Russian Lashes CND Manicures & Pedicures
LVL Lash Lift & Tint Spray Tans
Eye Lash Tinting Waxing (including Hollywood & Brazilian)
HD Brows Guinot Facials
Tinting Geneos+ Facials
Indian Head Massage Male Grooming

Blue Infinity Twist Tanning Tubes

Pink Collagen Tanning Tubes




Express Tanning & Beauty boasts all new, superb, top of the range, 48 tubes G8000 vertical tanning units.  Each tanning unit is located in seperate rooms and has MP3 playing facilities.  These units are perfect for building a tan or keeping one.  Our beds are available to book six days a week, and as members of the Sunbed Association we screen and monitor all users to ensure safe use of our units which are 0.3 compliant.

Blue Twist Tubes

The most advanced tanning lamp in the market today!

Combining stunning, brilliant bright electric blue ambiance with the state of the art patented twisted glass effect, gives any sales operator a truly unparalleled advantage over normal flat lamps used by the competition.

Tanning performance and results are guaranteed to be of the highest calibre from this perfectly formed lamp.

With unique internal complex properties; combined with patented glass technology, Blu Infinity Twist lamps provide a long lasting dark glowing tan that is truly perfect.

Unique 3 wavelengths in one Blu Infinity Twist tube are revolutionary in the market. For the first time worldwide, the 3 most important wavelengths have been combined in one single tube!

The Blu Infinity Twist is the most unique twisted lamp around, guaranteeing the highest levels of tanning effect in the market. Providing the ultimate perfect tanning performance every time, Blu Infinity Twist is ‘the’ market leader.

Lamp Benefits

Excellent Tanning

Long lasting Dark Tan

Healthy looking skin

Produces vitamin D

Purifies your skin

Optimised level of UVA

Perfect skin

Perfect tan

Pink Cllagen Tubes

This futuristic tanning concept is at the forefront of technology in tanning and skin care. The brilliant pink light looks visually stunning and combined with the patented twisted glass effect, delivers an unparalleled, luxurious tan. The unique design also provides the additional benefits of collagen stimulation, leaving the skin clean, rejuvenated and blemish free.

The Twist Lamp that provides you with more than just tanning. The unique Collatan Maxi Twist Tubes combines the 4 wavelengths of light. UVA rays work deeper down and are responsible for the bronzing of the skin, UVB stimulates the melanin in the skin and adds essential vitamin D. The red light therapy produces increased collagen giving a rejuvenating and revitalizing effect. In addition, it contains a small amount of blue light therapy which cleanses and purifies the skin.

4 in 1 The Twist makes the difference! The Maxi Twist tube is uniquely twisted and thus has a larger surface than conventional lamps. This enables the speed of the arc to travel much faster from both diodes on either end of the lamp. This maximises the performance and stability of the product whilst delivering perfect and natural tanning results. All 4 wavelengths of light are optimally deployed.

1) UVA direct, intensive and attractive tan
2) UVB for the production of Melanin & Vitamin D
3) Blue Light therapy for pure, blemish-free skin
4) Red Light (Collagen) Light therapy to reach a revitalizing a
soothing effect for your skin.

Vibr8 Toning (20% more powerful than FLABELOS)
Development based on the balancing theory in sport science, the new Vibr8 enhances proprioception, exploiting the muscles your body uses to balance itself to shake, shake, shake off the flab! The Vibr8 unique balance training workout results in improved posture, blood circulation, muscle strength and flexibility. The compact new Vibr8 is the ultimate workout machine that shakes you to becoming slimmer, fitter and healthier!

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